Cancel those carbs.. we’re going to Marbs!

Cancel those carbs.. we’re going to Marbs!

What are you up to in June 2018? If it’s not joining our Marbella rally, then we’re not interested. On 29th June 2018 we are embarking on a rally which takes us from London to Amsterdam where we’ll get up to a lot of good and make our way across Europe to Marbella over the course of a week. Combining our love of cars with some of Europe’s best nightlife, we’ve put together a rally which you’ll be talking about for years to come.

So what will the route include? Starting at our hub, Ace Café in London we’ll make our way to Dover where we’ll catch the ferry across to Calais. Once in Amsterdam, we’ll get ready for one of the biggest parties held in Amsterdam square. But that’s only day one! So after you recover from partying hard the night before, the Pure Rally team will roll out in Convoy and head to Luxembourg via Belgium, stopping for a Pure Rally group lunch on the way. But the next day is the real deal; Pure Rally have planned a party at one of the biggest celebrity nightclubs in Europe. Milan will not leave you disappointed!

After Milan, we’ll take a long drive across the Swiss Alps, taking in the views and moving down into Italy. After that we’ll head to Monaco and drive one of the most famous roads in the South of France. The next day we’ll head to Barcelona, roll out to Valencia and finally finish in Marbella, where the luxurious Ocean Club will be waiting for us. We’ll have an awards party in Marbs, handing out prizes for ‘best team fancy dress’ and ‘best team photo,’

Feeling excited yet? Everyone and anyone is welcome on our rallies as long as you have a love of cars and the desire to party. Whatever your wheels, all cars are invited, as long as you can get them from a to b.

It’s time to prepare for a rolling party across Europe. A chance to enjoy beautiful cars and meet likeminded people. On top of that we will party at every spot we go to.

Just remember, Pure Rally is not a race. But it’s not a rally either… just a way of life.


We have almost sold out of places on the Marbella run, so book now to avoid disappointment. For more information, visit