Challenging the negative reviews about self-driving cars

Challenging the negative reviews about self-driving cars

Self-driving cars: the new and controversial craze to hit the car industry. Otherwise known as autonomous and connected vehicles which are determined to make our driving experiences safer. At the moment we have things like automated steering, cruise control, break assist, but nothing that means we can be completely motionless behind the wheel (or even in the back seat.)

So are they actually safe? There’s been many negatives reports on self-driving vehicles and it really takes a lot to let a vehicle control your driving… I mean, where’s the fun in that?! Nevertheless, for this blog, we’ll take a look at the positives and negatives of self-driven cars to see if the negative reviews are correct.



  • Self-Driving Cars may actually be safer on the roads because most of our accidents are by human error. Then again, there isn’t actually enough statistics to say whether or not self-driving cars will be safer, but if it’s human errors we are going by, then the results are uncanny.
  • There is less distraction. Actually, there is zero distraction for the car itself.
  • Practicality – if a computer is doing the driving for you, you can spend time catching up on emails or reading a book.
  • Traffic problems can be identified more easily as the computer will calculate the quickest journey times.
  • In the future, there could be the potential for younger people to have access to vehicles like these.


  • Drivers would still have to be trained on how to use the vehicle in case of emergencies or have some knowledge of automobiles.
  • These cars will not be cheap which means that most of us won’t be able to afford them anyway.
  • The public transport industry may suffer from the move from buses and trains to self-driving cars.
  • Relying on technology alone is risky.
  • We are unsure whether these cars will reduce accidents or create new types of accidents. If the technology falters then it could risk lives.


So what do we think about self-driving cars?

In our opinion, they take all the fun out of driving and we are petrolheads for a reason. Quite frankly, the team at Pure Rally would much rather be behind the wheel of a beaten-up hatchback than not driving at all. Even if we can catch up on emails in the backseat…